Saturday, 8 March 2008

What is LexiURL Searcher

LexiURL Searcher is a program to automatically download results from commercial search engines (currently Yahoo! and Live Search) via their permitted online process. It also contains many features to process the results for analysis purposes. The plan is to eventually replace LexiURL with LexiURL Searcher.
Some of the LexiURL Searcher features are quite powerful and are restricted from general users either becuase they may waste the time of search engines by submitting too many queries, or becuase they are critical for the Web Audit service provided by the Cybermetrics research group.

Welcome to the LexiURL Searcher Blog

Please post any bugs or problems you have with LexiURL Searcher here - these will help other users to know of any problems and the problems will eventually be picked up and solved by me. Please also feel free to respond to any other users' problems if you know of a solution.