Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mendeley Searches

Webometric Analyst allows searches for the number of Mendeley readers of lists of articles. It also reports the subject areas and occupations of these readers. This gives some information about who reads the articles. You must be a Mendeley user to exploit this feature but it is free. To access it, see the help on the Webometric Analyst home page.


Min Kuei said...

Dear Thelwall:

I would like to use your Webometric Analyst in my thesis, which requires me to collect comments from a YouTube video. After a few try, I found that the program only collected 350 comments instead of the maximum 1000 comments. Could you please tell me how to maximize the number of comments being collected? Thank you very much!

Min Kuei

Mike Thelwall said...

Dear Min Kuei,
I am very sorry but this is a new limitation from YouTube itself - it is not possible to get 1000 comments from YouTube any more with the API.
Best wishes,